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How To Travel With Xbox Series S

Xbox series smartphones are a great way to stay connected while traveling. They offer features unavailable on other devices such as gameplay streaming and access to entertainment services like Netflix and Hulu.

Connecting your phone and watching a video is great way to stay in touch, and gaming on the go is also an awesome feature. Having access to entertainment services like Netflix and Hulu is invaluable.

If you are a game player, then this device is for you.

Xbox One S case

how to travel with xbox series s

If you are planning on playing any serious console games while traveling with your XBox One S, you should buy a case. The Series S comes with a standard case, so this article is for those who also have an Xbox One S but no case.

The standard XBox One S case does not protect the console well from damage, and it does not allow you to use some of the features of the console such as charging or playing games via wired connection. With the addition of the wireless capabilities, you cannot really play any long sessions without a charge.

This new series of cases are made so that they only protect the electronics inside from damage. These cases are supposed to be cheaper alternatives to luxury cases that cost more than $10.

HDMI cable

how to travel with xbox series s

When your Xbox is connected to the TV, you’ll need a way to connect it to the console. There are two ways to do this–via a HDMI cable or via an Xbox One S/X adapter.

Using a HDMI cable will require you to purchase one from Microsoft, but it is very easy. Simply plug the end of the cable into your Xbox and then into the TV’s HDMI port.

Using an adapter will allow you to connect your Xbox via either the standard USB port or composite video output. Both versions require you to set them up initially, as they are not recognized immediately.


how to travel with xbox series s

An Xbox Series S will not work with a standard USB-rechargeable charger. The Series S requires a separate, heavy-duty power cord that is equipped with an outlet plug on the back.

This is due to the fact that the device has no internal battery and no way to charge the console via a standard USB cable.

You can use the device’s power cord to charge your other devices, but you must do it separately from the Xbox S.

Your other devices must be charged overnight so that the console can fully charge its internal battery.

Chargers for your phone

how to travel with xbox series s

You will need a chargers for your phone while traveling with the Xbox series S. There are two main ways to connect a phone to your device while in the car.

1) Use a data plan on your device while driving

2) Use a USB-C to USB-A adapter while driving

Both methods require that you have access to a network or charger for your device. In order to use a data plan on your phone, you must have access to a network.

In order to use a USB-C to USB-A adapter, you must have access to an outlet and an adapter. Most places will sell you these for about $5-$10 depending on how fancy they make it look.

Write down your login information

how to travel with xbox series s

In addition to having your phone or laptop ready, you must have a copy of your Xbox Series S account data. This includes the login information and any messages or notifications you have setup in your account.

If you have deleted any messages or notifications, then make sure to re-add them so that your system can communicate with your Xbox.

You can also include this data in a safe place if you want to give it to another user on your system, so that they can play together. This way, both users will be able to enjoy all of the same features!

This data includes your gamertags, logged in systems, and any items or games that are saved on your system. It also includes when devices connect and disconnect from your account, which could cause problems if someone else plays on those devices at the same time.

Take a screenshot

how to travel with xbox series s

While in-flight entertainment and communication options are limited, you can take a screenshot. You can then share the screenshot on your phone or computer to send off to help you communicate with air hostesses, airline representatives, and travel service companies like Virgin America.

To do so, simply touch the screen twice in quick succession to take a screenshot and then long press to save. You will then be able to share or email it to yourself or someone else via the xbox app or website.

This is very helpful when you are traveling with your child as they can take a screenshot and send it to you via their xbox app.

Make a video clip

how to travel with xbox series s

In case you need to quickly record a video clip while travelling with the Xbox series S, there are two solutions. The first is to put a screen protector on your phone or tablet and then you can record videos through your phone or tablet.

The second is to make a quick video clip by putting your device in the camera mode and then recording. This works even if you have no camera app installed on your device!

Neither of these things work well when travelling due to the size of the devices and the risk of losing it. Plus, both require special equipment which most do not have at hand while traveling.

The only way to make a quick video clip on your Xbox is via the game mode which requires you to take a real physical step away from your device.

Store game discs with the console

how to travel with xbox series s

While not recommended, you can put store game disc in your Xbox series S. Just make sure to save your gamertag or account so you can play if you need to return the disc.

Making sure to keep your discs safe is by placing in a separate external storage device called a dongle. These are sold at gaming stores and online as well.

You can also use the Xbox One X as a dongle with your previous Xbox console. Make sure to use a new generation of discs though!

Another tip is using an optical cable instead of USB. The reason for this is that some consoles do not support USB over 5 feet (1.5 meters) lengthwise, but do with an optical cable.

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