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How To Travel To Singapore From Malaysia

When you’re traveling to Singapore, there are several ways to get into the city-state. The easiest is to fly from Kuala Lumpur or Ipoh International Airport, located about an hour away from Central Selangor by car.

The second is to take a ferry from Jalan Poh Ting Ngan in Klang City, Malaysia across the Sungai Kolok river into Singapore. The third is to take a long-haul flight such as Delhi-Seoul or Taipei-Singapore and transfer at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) or Sentul Hospital in North Malay Peninsula.

The final option is a short flight such as Hong Kong – Singapore and this can be done in mid-March!

These three ways to enter Singapore all have their advantages and disadvantages.

Find a hotel

When you arrive in Singapore, the first step is to find a hotel. The most important thing when choosing a hotel is how close it is to the airport.

The safest places are within a short walking distance of the airport. If you need more security, they will let you bring someone from your group with you, but you have to do the walking yourself.

General recommendations: Find a hotel that’s within easy walking distance of the airport (5-10 minutes). You can get an online booking or phone book at least one day in advance as well. This way, if your flight is delayed or even cancelled, you will be able to find a place to stay nearby!

General recommendations: Look for hotels with air-conditioning and a working television.

Pack essentials

how to travel to singapore from malaysia

While there are some things you can just buy in Singapore, like food and souveniers, others you must have with you. These include:

a map of the city, a local phone number for emergencies, and a reliable charger for your phone.

A local phone number is very helpful as it provides support in case of an emergency. You do not want to call it and find out that it is no longer operational or that the support staff has been replaced!

Local assistance is important as Singapore is a large country with many areas with little to no cell coverage. If you need to contact authorities or help while visiting Singapore, having a local number will save you time and effort.

The map helps you locate your location relative to the city and gives you an idea of what surrounds you. Having this information will help you plan your trip around landmarks and surrounding areas.

Make visa arrangements

how to travel to singapore from malaysia

Before you leave, make sure you have your visa and flight plans made. You will need to have a visa in advance of your trip to Malaysia, and the Malaysian embassy in Kuala Lumpur has special arrangements for foreign visitors.

The Chinese can apply through her local embassy or Chinese consulate in Malaysia, while the other nationalities must contact the Malaysian embassy in Kuala Lumpur.

The flight times can be tight, so do your best to make your flight plan a day before you need it! The Malaysian travel agency I work for puts me up to one of their luxury flights at no charge, which is very helpful.

Make sure you know your limits for travelling around Asia, as there are some places where a visa is not available and you must go home without going on any trips. There are also places that require more time and travel regulations are different everywhere.

Currency exchange

how to travel to singapore from malaysia

When you arrive in Singapore, you’ll want to find a place where you can exchange your Malaysian Ringgit for Singaporean dollars. This is due to the fact that there is no Malaysian currency and only few banks and currency exchange shops offer US dollars as opposed to ringgit.

You can also use the Interbank Foreign Exchange Rate, but it takes some time for it to settle down so you can buy things. It takes about 2 days for the rate to change and for your transactions to show up in your bank account!

It is important that you know the exchange rate when traveling overseas, even if you have been using it before. There are different rates associated with different countries or regions, and they may change at any time.

Tips & tricks

how to travel to singapore from malaysia

When you visit Singapore, it is important to know how to get around in the city. There are a number of ways to get around, and we will tell you here what our favorite is!

Public Transport: The best way to travel around the city is by public transport. There are a number of buses, trains, and trams that connect your location anywhere in the city.

Trains & Buses: If you want to move around the city on your own, then check out the metro or the trams. The trams are faster than the metro and it is easier to find if you run into a jam.

Nightspots: If you are going out or want some independence, check out the nightspots in Singapore.

Stay safe

how to travel to singapore from malaysia

While India is a safe country to visit, it does not mean that you will be safe on your trip. You can still be victims of crimes such as identity theft, extortion, and armed robbery.

To reduce your risk factor, stay aware of your surroundings and practice safe behaviors. You can also avoid being a easy target by not traveling in groups, staying away from busy areas, and avoiding extravagant gestures.

Group travel is another way to reduce your risk factor. By going together as a team, you will be more secure in case one person gets victimizer behavior. And last but not least, do not rely on the police or security officials to prevent crime because they may not know these behaviors are appropriate for traveling!

Traveling can be relaxing or stressful depending on how you are handling it.

Visiting Singapore

how to travel to singapore from malaysia

If you would like to visit Singapore, here are some tips to help you get in and out of the city in just a few hours.

To get into the city from southern Malaysia, take a bus or train all the way to Tanah Merah station. From there, you can take a ferry or jeepney to central Singapore.

To get into Singapore from northern Malaysia, take a bus or train all the way to Choa Kok Ting station. From there, you can take a ferry or jeepney to central Singapore.

Both ways require passport/tourist visa paperwork and an exchange of coins, but the final boarding time is slightly shorter on the ferry than on the jeepney.

Do not exchange your ring and wedding band while at the border; they will be lost! Register your address with Malaysian authorities as well as your travel documents.

Shopping in Singapore

how to travel to singapore from malaysia

If you are planning a trip to Singapore, there are several things you can do to prepare yourself and your wallet. You can shop at either The S Parque or Central s Market.

The S Parque is an upscale shopping mall located in the heart of Singapore. It has over 50 shops and boutiques, as well as a food court where you can find many international foods.

Central s Market is located just outside of Central s Parque and has a few more traditional markets such as hawker centres, vegetable gardens, and fruit gardens. These areas have been organized so that one can find what she or he wants quickly!

Both malls offer fast ways to get your money’s worth out-and-about! While shopping, you can take in some sights such as the temples or Chinatowns that are close by.

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