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How To Travel To Poland

While most people are familiar with the basics of coming to Poland, there are some important details that should be remembered. When you come to Poland, you will need a Polish passport to re-enter the country!

Poland is a very unique country in comparison to other countries. It is large, has many different cultures, and has lots of natural beauty. Therefore, it gets a lot of visitors, even those who do not speak Polish!

Visitors can stay in hotels or hostels for a fee, however they must be in regular contact with their home country’s authorities. It is also recommended that you do this as your home country’s authorities will know if you have been forced into any agreements or situations that may require them.

Find a place to stay

how to travel to poland

In Warsaw, you can find a lot of cheap, basic hostels. Most are located in central Warsaw, in such places as ul. Nowolafka and ul. Krasnapolska.

In the Old Town, there are many historic hotels and most of them offer free breakfast. Another option is to stay in a historic apartment building.

In the newer parts of Warsaw, especially around Old Town Square, you will find plenty of high-end residences and hotels. Some are fancy ones that cost close to $300 per night!

Most cities have a visitor information center where you can get advice on what sights to see and how to get around safely.

Pack for the weather

If you are traveling to Poland in the summer, pack a jacket or coat. It will be very hot, expect to see temperatures in the high 90s during the day and around 100 at night.

If you are traveling in the winter, pack a pair of warm socks and warm pants or an extra sweatshirt. You will need them for chilly nights!

In addition, if you are traveling in the fall or winter, pack a pair of thick pants or a long vesttype top. The temperature can dip below freezing at times, and snow can fall. Keep up with the fashion trends by packing a coat and/or pants!

These days, there is no guarantee that Poland will be cold enough to require an extra layer.

Learn some Polish words

how to travel to poland

Before you go, learn some basic words for a few important things:
Topic 1: Travel insurance

Every travel plan has its own minimum liability coverage, and some have maximum liability coverage. Make sure you know what both are before traveling to Poland!

Insurance is also required in Poland to cover costs related to sickness and medical treatment. Most travel insurance companies will cover you in Poland, however, there may be a higher cost attached.

Topic 2: Getting around Warsaw & Kraków/Cracovia

Both Warsaw and Kraków are served by efficient public transportation systems. While not necessary for getting around in these cities, it may save you some money in case of an accident or misadventure!

Get yourself a Polish city map (probably available at the tourist office), as the streets are quite different from American & European standards.

Bring cash

how to travel to poland

When in Poland, it is important to have sufficient cash on hand. There are few places to buy anything in Poland and most of them expect payment in Polish currency.

Most convenience stores and grocery stores will only accept Polish złoty which is worth about US dollars, euros, or British pounds. Most places do not exchange złoty for money outside of Poland so be prepared to show the cash you have at the store!

You can also bring foreign currency into Poland but it must be converted to Polish złoty before it can be sold.

Use a credit card

how to travel to poland

While it may be easier to just use your debit or credit card on the fly, you should use a credit card when doing business in Poland. This is due to various charges and fees that you will not pay without one.

Some of these charges include:

paying for purchases with cash or an ATM withdrawal

paying for flights with cash or an ATM withdrawal

paying for hotel rooms with cash or an ATM withdrawal

Most banks do not offer free accounts, and if they did, you would need a Polish bank account to use it. This is why you must have a Polish-compatible credit card on hand in case you need it!

Using your debit or credit card might result in overcharged transactions, due to reverse charge fraud. It is important to avoid this by using your Polish-compatible card.

Enjoy your trip!

how to travel to poland

Most people make the trip to Poland for the weekend-long event at the 2017 World Judo Championships. There are tickets available for both fans and competitors, and they are very popular.

Many people travel a long distance to attend these events and enjoy being in the military or just seeing another country. So, do not get too worried about visa worries or transportation troubles- these countries have good judo infrastructure, and most of them cooperate well enough to let you in!

The event is also quite big- there are several cities that host competitions simultaneously, making it even more exciting.

Check out the food

how to travel to poland

While you’re visiting Poland, it’s worth tasting the food served in restaurants and food courts. You can do this either before or after you visit the place- in a restaurant or at a food market.

As you might expect, the food is very good and many restaurants have a special niche in their menu. Most of them are meat based, so be prepared for some strong flavors.

If you go to a restaurant that is located inside a mall, be prepared for extremely noisy surroundings and confined spaces. The table should be very close to the window so that people can see what is going on outside.

Visit museums

how to travel to poland

If you have time before your trip, you can visit the Royal Castle in Warsaw, the Museum of the History of Poland or the Primate’s Palace in Białystok. Both museums are beautiful and offer amazing insights into Polish history.

If you have limited time, you can visit a couple of museums at either high or low tech levels. The most basic museum offers little information and is not very interesting to stay connected to. The more advanced ones may have computerized information and updates, but still no phone service!

Both the Royal Castle and Museum of History are free and accessible from any location. They both make great ways to spend some time outside of your trip.

Lastly, if you have little time but want to see some exciting new places, try visiting an airport! There are several beautiful buildings surrounding an airport field that make a good location for a tour or stay Connected with tourists to learn about the area.

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