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How To Travel To Hawaii From Canada

When travelling to Hawaii, you will need to know how to get there in relation to the rest of the world. There are two main ways to get to Hawaii from Canada: via ferry or plane.

Where You Can Travel by Ferry in Canada

Using ferry is the fastest way to travel to Hawaii. There are several routes that connect Vancouver with Honolulu and other islands in the Pacific, including Hilo and Kealakekka.

Ferrys typically take around six months to a year to build their customer base so it is not an everyday method of travel. However, during Kua-a-ao (the autumn season) when resorts open, fans come out in droves!

If you are travelling as a family, then buying a Together Canadians Pass may be worth it.

Book a flight to Maui

how to travel to hawaii from canada

If you can afford it, book a flight to Maui. It will cost you more, but the extra money will be paid back in savings and trips to the beach or shopping at local businesses and stores.

Hawaii is one of the top vacation destinations in the world. With so many beautiful resorts and big cities to choose from, there is a place for every budget. Most are located in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres, with a few exceptions such as Hawaii Island and The Alii (a smaller island with a giant palace).

Since most visitors stay only one or two days, transportation is very easy to find. There are four main islands that you can travel to: Hawaii Island, Kauai, Oahu, and Molokai. Each has its own cities that have significant tourism, transportation is usually bus or rail!

With Internet access now being standard everywhere, booking your trip online will also help with saving money in future trips.

Book a flight to Kona

If you can afford it, book a flight to Kona. This is an incredible trip that will take you away from home and give you a chance to visit the United States’ largest island, Hawaii.

Flight prices are expensive, but worth it. You will be spending a week in Hawaii, so make sure to plan for this! A week in Hawaii costs between $600 and $800, depending on where you go and how much you spend.

There are several flight companies that operate out of Canadian airports that fly to Kona. Hawaiian has their own flight operations there, but you can still travel with another airline if you book with them.

Most of these flight companies have connections to the US mainland, so if you are travelling with children, make sure they are appropriately secured on flights such as this.

Book a flight to Lanai

how to travel to hawaii from canada

If you are travelling to Hawaii from Canada, you can save a few thousand dollars by booking a flight to Lanai on thesame airline as your trip. This is only an option if your destination airport in Canada is close to Hawaii’s Pu-Ua International Airport.

Many airlines fly into Lanai, including Hawaiian Airlines and Delta Air Lines. If you are already familiar with the airline system in your home country, this may be an advantage!

The cost of flying into Lanai is around $400 US compared to around $800 US for an air-transportable jet aircraft to Hawaii. The cost may be lower for Inter-Island flights than mainland United States flights due to differences in weather conditions and ticket prices.

If you are staying at a hotel on Lanai, it is also worth checking if they offer flight connections as it can be expensive to travel between airports if you need to rebook your flight.

Rent a car

how to travel to hawaii from canada

A car is the best way to travel to Hawaii from Canada. There are several companies that offer rent a car services in Canada, and they will send you a vehicle directly to your door.

These vehicles are large, heavy, and require regular maintenance. Most have warranties of at least a year!

These vehicles are also expensive as compared to public transportation or using a Lyft or Uber ride service. However, it is convenience and cost savings that you are looking for!

Having your own car is also helpful when traveling to Hawaii due to the complicated route finding apps can make difficult. They can also help with the timing of trips when traveling together as a group.

Drive to the US border

how to travel to hawaii from canada

Before you can travel to Hawaii from Canada, you must drive to the US border to visit. There, you can legally enter the US and drive your car into Canada!

There are several ways to get to the US-Mexico border from downtown Vancouver. You can take a taxi, ride a bike or bus, or even take public transportation.

If you plan ahead and drive your car into the United States, this could be done for around $60. If you ride a bus or a bike, it may be more expensive but much faster!

You may need to show your Canadian passport when driving into the US but there are no ID requirements! It is highly unlikely that any check points will ask for Canadian passports or immigration documents as they are not required.

Apply for a visa

how to travel to hawaii from canada

Before you start your visa process, you must apply for a visa in your home country. This can be done in person or by mail, but not via the internet!

A trip to Canada is not enough to apply for a visa in advance. You must actually apply for a visa in your country!

To take advantage of this system, you must be at least 28 days into your trip and have made at least one paid visit to your home country. This is called making the first step into the Canadian immigration system.

Once you have made this step, you can continue with your travels within Canada by applying for a visa in your country of origin!

Hot tip: Many countries use the same application form for travel visas and Canadian travel visas.

Pack sunscreen

how to travel to hawaii from canada

Protect your skin while traveling to Hawaii from Canada by having a sufficient amount of sunblock and wearing protective clothing such as a hat. Sunburn is a very dangerous way to spend your time in the sun, so take your precautions.

More importantly, keep yourself hydrated. While in the sun for an extended period of time is not recommend, staying hydrated is even more important on vacation.

Traveling can be beautiful, especially when you are doing it on your own!

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Pack beach clothes

how to travel to hawaii from canada

While traveling to Hawaii as a Canadian, you should pack some beach clothes. These include a bunch of pairs of shorts or short pants, a couple of tank tops, and a couple of sleep shirts.

You will also want some flip-flops, since parking in certain areas can be challenging in Canada. You can buy these at most grocery stores and shops both in Canada and Hawaii.

Parking is another challenge while traveling to Hawaii as a Canadian. At the hotels you can purchase discounted parking, but you should still take it into consideration when renting a car.hawaii vacation & tourismhawaii tourism & hospitalityhawaiian traveltourismvacation & tourismcanada vocationally travelin the summertime, check out the beach at one of the area beaches.

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