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How To Travel On The Cheap

While traveling is definitely a fun experience, it can be very cost- prohibitive if you do not know how to adapt to life in a foreign country. You will need to learn how to shop, make friends, and live your life!

It is important to understand what items are cost effective in a foreign market, what items are cost effective in your home base, and how much you will need of each item.

This article will talk about some ways to travel on the cheap by finding inexpensive quality goods at local markets. Many times these markets will be places that have built a community over the past year or two.

Book hotels in advance

how to travel on the cheap

Even though you are staying in a cheap hotel, your stay will probably be less enjoyable if you don’t pay attention to the services that the hotel has to offer.

You can save a few bucks by asking the hotel how much it costs to take advantage of the services that they have. Many of them charge an extra fee for not having a room booked in advance, which is probably due to lack of funds when travelling.

Room Service is usually free if you book your room at least a day in advance. It is also free if you book within the next 24 hours after arriving at the hotel, since most of them have service on around 6am and 6pm.

Some hotels offer discounted rates for church weddings or similar events.

Book plane tickets in advance

how to travel on the cheap

By booking your flight and hotel or transportation tickets several months in advance, you can save money. Most major airlines have discounts for people who book at least six months in advance, so today is a good day to do so.

You may also be able to save by booking online or via a phone app two to three months in advance as well. Once your trip is booked, there’s no way to pitch back the cost!

This is especially true if you are going on a long trip — the online system would likely be storing your information for years before you use it, so there’s no need to rush into it.

Stay in hostels

how to travel on the cheap

Many students and professionals are surprised by the number of affordable hotel rooms available in most cities. Most hotels have websites where you can book a room by the night or by the hour, so there is no need to spend a substantial amount of money to be in the safe confines of a hotel room.

If you would like to take advantage of their services, do not hesitate to use one of these facilities for your trip. All it takes is an early morning or late night departure and you can request the room that you want!

Many hotels offer discounted rates during college year-end events as well as during mid-week stays. Check website for updates and availability!

Bullet point underscored: Stay in a comfortable hostel facility

It may seem strange to stay in a dorm or generic hostel facility, but doing so will cost you only money on Friday and Saturday nights. You will be paying extra money per day for your convenience and safety.

Your safety depends on having a secure, comfortable place to sleep! Make sure you find one that is close to where you need to go on your trip.

Eat at local restaurants

how to travel on the cheap

Most cities have a neighborhood or district that is culturally and aesthetically significant. If you’re looking to learn more about the city you’re in, visit its historic districts or neighborhoods, find a good restaurant in the area, and buy a local vegetable dish or ice cream treat to take with you.

These are all great ways to learn more about your city, its history, and its people. By eating in local restaurants, you will definitely find out more about your city!

Having food delivered is always an option when traveling on the cheap. You can usually get pretty good value for your money with online apps like Livestrong or Seamless.

Keep an eye out online for places that offer discount codes as well, they can really help cut down on overpriced food while traveling.

Bring water bottle with you

how to travel on the cheap

This may seem strange to mention after all the talk about bringing water and snacks to the event, but the most cost-effective way to travel on the cheap is by having a water bottle with you.

Many events offer water bottles for free, so there is no need to spend money buying one at the event. There are also many places where you can buy them, like Amazon or even Target!

The best place to have a water bottle is definitely your baggie. Most people put a small plastic water bottle in their luggage just in case, but if you have really large luggage might be an advantage.

Andrea says: “Having a small water bottle with you can save a lot of money while traveling on the cheap!”

Cost-effective ways to travel on the ground include having a few drinks in your bag and then using the restroom or using the nearest public bathroom when needed.

Travel during the week

how to travel on the cheap

Most people think that Monday through Friday are the best days to be out in the world, but it is actually better to get out and about on weekdays.

Daytime traffic will be lower and you can make more trips in! Many large cities have public transportation systems making it easy to get around.

Many schools close for the weekend which makes for a quieter place to explore. Most places of interest are still open and have knowledgeable staff to answer your questions.

Weekend travel is more expensive as many things close and people are usually less careful. Take advantage of the time spent at home being rest and recuperation instead of being out spending money!

During the week, you can do some very cheap traveling. First, you must determine what day of the week it is (Monday or Thursday) and which month it is (January or July).

Use public transportation

how to travel on the cheap

Most major city public transportation systems offer a variety of routes and options, so there is no need to overthink it. Most of the time, you will be using your car for short distances, so most of the time, your car can handle these.

If you are not familiar with public transportation, it can be costly to use. There are many stops and routes marked off into neighborhoods, so it is easy to find a route to your destination.

However, don’t be too hasty in using the public transit system. You should always use the most efficient way to get to and from your destination! You can also buy a card that lets you travel on public transport which cuts down on some of your expenses.

Find coupons and deals

how to travel on the cheap

Most hotels and restaurants offer coupons and special deals for their guests. Most of them just do not advertise them directly to you, but instead give you a discount if you visit their website.

Most of these sites have a hard deadline for offering deals and coupons, so make sure to check them out before your departure.

If a deal or coupon deal does not seem right, ask the staff at least! They might be able to tell you if it is really a good deal or not.

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