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How To Travel In Peru

Travel to Peru is a pleasant and affordable way to enjoy the country. There are many adventure travel companies that will send groups on exotic tours such as Peru: The Inca Trail. These tours are very popular and in demand, so get your tour early!

As the name suggests, the Peru: The Inca Trail offers a guided tour of the Peruvian Andes. This includes an ascent or descent on an ancient Incaic trail, followed by a visit to an impressive religious site and then finally a local village.

The trip takes approximately five days and is arranged out over several bases with each member living in their own room for part of it. This allows each person enough time to settle in and have fun but also ensures you get some decent training for your next trip!

The itinerary can be complicated so it is worth going with a group leader to ensure everyone is taking enough care on the trip.

Book your flight

how to travel in peru

When you book your flight, make sure you call the airline to make sure it will be affordable. You want to be able to afford your flight, right?

Call your airline to see what packages they offer for travel. Some companies offer special deals that include airfare and merchandise in their packages. A trip to Peru is a great example!

Package flights have been growing in popularity as of late. It can be difficult to determine which platform has the best deal for you and your travel plan. Make sure to check out their offerings!

Check websites and forums for tips on how to travel on your own. There may be ways out of the obligation feeling that traveling by air is the only way. Look into hosting travel blogs or create a website with tips and experiences just for yourself!

Once you find what package best suits you, contact the airline and let them know so they can match your flight with another pilot in their package.

Book your hotel

how to travel in peru

When you arrive in Peru, the first step is to book your hotel. Most Peruvian hotels are 2-4-star, and some are 5-star. A good rule of thumb is to choose the hotel that is closest to the train station or bus station you want to visit.

In most cases, these hotels will offer rooms with air conditioning, a television, and a bathroom. In some cases, these extras can be wanted!

It is always best to ask for a room on the ground floor so that you do not have to go up several flights of stairs to get ready in the morning. If you need an elevator or need to travel between floors on your own two feet, then look for a hotel with such features!

When booking a hotel, make sure it has a safe place for your belongings. Many times, hotelkeepers do not secure their belongings properly and this leads to theft or damages while staying in.If you have items that are valuable, bring them with you.

Pack for Peru

how to travel in peru

While there are some things you can buy in Peru, there are also some things you must carry with you. If you do not have them, then you will be forced to buy them in Peru when you need them.

You will need to bring soap, shampoo, conditioner, mosquito repellant, fashion wear, and probably a hair dryer or scalp shampoo as well.

These items can be expensive if your budget does not allow for all of them. Try looking into discount sites and Amazon seller’s accounts to find cheap alternatives.

You should also bring water– purification products and a way to hydrate yourself while traveling.

Get visa before you go

how to travel in peru

Before you leave, find a local who can help you get a visitor’s Peru visa. This is normally for around $60, and can be done in the country you want to visit.

If you come from abroad, you can also try this method, however it is more expensive as the embassy or consulate must approve the visa.

You may need to present proof of money spent on accommodation and travel expenses to qualify for the visa. It takes about 1–2 days to receive your visa via mail, so make sure to let your family know that you will be gone for a long time!

Once in Peru, get off the road as soon as possible and make some muddy tracks so your horse can get somewhere safely.

USD are accepted everywhere

Many places will accept US dollars, even in small towns and rural areas. This is due to the large number of foreign visitors, who come to Peru to shop and visit colonial ruins.

Most countries have acceptance policies towards shopping sprees in USD, making it easy to spend money in a foreign currency. It is common for markets and shops to use the local currency, sucas or euros, but not often.

There are a few exceptions to this rule, like rural areas where personal relations are strong and people do not use nuevasima or chavnamarinas. Those who live in remote regions of Peru would most likely use chavnamarinas as they are much more common than sucas there.

Take a bus tour around the country

how to travel in peru

If you want to do more tour-like experiences, take a bus tour around the country. A bus tour will give you a complete view of the city and countryside, and can be done in half the day compared to doing each location on your own.

The benefits of taking a bus tour are increased access to different parts of the city, being able to chat with other travelers and get additional information about places you may not have time to look at on your own.

Additionally, a bus tour will give you more perspective on Peruvian culture as a whole as opposed to just visiting one specific area.

Find local tours or guides

how to travel in peru

Choosing how much and where you go on your own trip is an important part of finding a tour or a guide. Most well-informed travelers to Peru choose a local tour or a guided hike as their next visit to the country.

Locals can be rough around the edges, and it’s always best to be extra-sure about your safety before joining a group. Similarly, guides can be replaced at any time, so it’s best to find a trusted one for your next trip.

Both local tours and guides are an important part of finding local tours peruvian. Here are some basic tips for choosing one:

Find ones that use wildlife or natural landscapes as their backdrop . This makes it more likely that they will help you feel safe and protected while on these trips, and that they will continue to enjoy traveling with you after meeting you.

. This makes it more likely that they will feel safe and protective while on these trips, and that they will continue to enjoying traveling with you after meeting you. Find ones that use equipment such as camera traps or infrared cameras to study the environment . These help me learn more about the area I visit than just reading about it in books or online.

Try local food

how to travel in peru

If you are hungry while traveling in Peru, you should try some of the local foods. There are a lot of ethnic dishes made with vegetables and meats, and they are really good.

Some of the food you will discover is tamshuaka, a vegetable dish made with potatoes and spinach; chorizo ranchero, a pasta dish made with pork; yuca fries; and papa alance, a vegetable dish made with potato.

All of these foods are delicious, and they are often served together in one meal. All of them are also budget friendly foods to have while traveling in Peru.

Most people eat chicharrones (maize husks) or sucos (sweetened corn or millipuede), but neither one is very healthy.

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