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How To Travel In Greece

Greece is a beautiful country with a varied landscape. There are mountains, fertile valleys, and vast coastal areas where you can go fishing or simply sit and enjoy the view.

Visiting Greece is an experience in itself, and not something to be done every year! This article will go into detail on how to travel in Greece.

There are three main ways to travel in Greece: by bus, plane, and by car. While all are convenient, none offer the same level of customization or convenience as another mode of transportation.


how to travel in greece

If you’re looking to discover the next vacation destination for yourself, visiting Santorini is a great place to start. This Greek island is home to ancient temples and fountains, gorgeous Mediterranean lighthouses, and unique sites like the Halicarnassos submarine volcano.

Most people visit Santorini just once in their lives, so it is important to get your dose of ancient islands while visiting. You will also have the opportunity to stay in one of the many beautiful beachfront hotels on Santorini.

The best way to reach Santorini is by airplane or cruise ship. Neither has much traffic on this island, which makes it an ideal destination for remote-airport flights or helicopter rides.

If you want more information about visiting Santorini on a Friday or Saturday, look into Crete National Park, where you can do some day trips that take you to Santorini.


how to travel in greece

Mykonos is a small Greek island just 20 minutes away from Kos by car. It’s known for its white sands and turquoise water, which makes for a gorgeous beach backdrop.

Traditionally, visitors to Mykonos came for its beautiful beaches, but they also enjoyed the activities and restaurants that were nearby. These areas include the Royal Xaris Palace, a stylish restaurant and bar overlooking the sea, and Viera Beach, a fun-filled outdoor venue with restaurants, bars, shops, and Attikou Point – where you can see out to sea.

Course tourists flock Mykonos in summer as do locals because of the great weather.


how to travel in greece

If you are looking to experience the island life, then a trip to Rhodes is for you. In fact, it is one of the top five trips people make every year due to its beautiful beaches and quality of life.

Many travel agents offer private island trips for a fee, so don’t be scared to ask. Many companies use tourists as labour force and run social programs and discounts for that.

The people who live on the island are very friendly, which is one of the reasons why it’s such a popular tourist destination. You will see many local residents going to the beach, shopping and eating!

Being so popular has some consequences. You might have difficulties finding a place to rent or even find someone willing to rent to you because of your pricey vacation package. Local residents also say that there is always someone willing to come with you on your trip so that you can meet them and their island lifestyle.


how to travel in greece

Corfu is a beautiful island off the mainland Greek coast. It’s home to beautiful beaches, historic cities, and delicious cuisine.

Like Crete, it’s known for producing great food – and like most things in Greece, it’s expensive! You can find good food in all levels of quality, but the best is definitely hard to find.

The biggest downside to visiting Corfu is that you need a vehicle to reach the islands. There are only a few rental companies on the mainland, so you will need to be very prepared if you want to drive your car or not.

But if you want to enjoy the islands without driving, there are several options for you.


If you are looking to explore Sicily, now is the time to learn about how to travel in the area. There are many sights to see and experiences to have on a trip to this beautiful island.

Many people day trip from Naples or Syracuse in the north to Capri or Sorrento in the south, just for fun. It is also a good way to save money as you go as transportation is expensive!

Many islands are reachable by ferry, so there is never a shortage of things to do.


how to travel in greece

If you are looking to explore Asia or if you are traveling to Greece on business, the largest city in Greece is for you to visit. Istanbul has been growing at a rapid pace and has continued to expand north and south, making it a never-ending string of new places to see and experience.

Traditionally, Greeks traveled abroad in the summertime, so visiting at the end of summer is an appealing option. Due to its beautiful winter weather, Greece makes an excellent place to visit in summer!

One major draw of Istanbul is that it is just a short taxi ride away from many major cities in Europe. This makes it very affordable and easy to reach all of your destinations quickly. Another draw is that it is only 15-20 minutes from Gazi Park!

If you are interested in exploring some European sights on a budget, travel by train is the way to go. The journey takes about an hour or two depending on how fast you are going.


how to travel in greece

When planning your next trip to Bulgaria, there are a few important points that should be kept in mind. The largest city in the country is Plovdiv, and it is here that most people start their trips in Bulgaria.

Plovdiv is a beautiful city to visit, and it has many sights to see. If you are traveling to the country for the first time, take some time to check out Plovdiv’s Chinatown where you can find several restaurants and shopping venues.

Another point of interest in Plovdiv is its Roman ruins. Many Tourists go there on organized tours, but if you are brave enough, you can do it yourself! There are plenty of places to stay near the ruins if you don’t want to take a tour.

Lastly, but not leastly: do not try going up or down any stairs while pregnant! It can cause c-section scars or labor pains, making it difficult for you to travel by bus or plane.


how to travel in greece

If you are looking to explore the Turkish countryside, then a trip to Anatolian Turkey is for you. Anatolian Turkey is fairly large and can take several days to fully explore.

Many people travel to this region every year to take a trip. It is a beautiful country and one you will want to return to again and again.

On the coast, you will find gorgeous beaches that are perfect for long, relaxing surfs! You can also go into the mountains and discover gorgeous caves or ancient ruins.

As with most countries in Europe, there are some religious sites that require no other visits in order to have an amazing trip.

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