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How To Fold Jeans For Travel

Jeans are a staple wardrobe staple. They are also one of the more challenging clothing items to fold and pack efficiently. Jeans are a long, skinny garment that requires you to keep its length by folding them.

There are many ways to fold your jeans, and most create a nice, even fit on your leg. However, some create more room in the waist and hips, making them better fit on a bike or smaller device Black or Skinny jeans have some space for packing.

Folding is not only something that can be done in either front or back ways – there are many ways to get into the habit of doing so! This can be important if you have to travel with your jeans as it can be hard to tell if they are loose or tight.

Fold in half lengthwise

how to fold jeans for travel

Now draw the legs of the jeans together, just below the knee. This is where the leg will be folded in half.

Fold this leg up to just below the knee, and then fold the other leg down. That is it! You have folded your jeans in half.

This method can be used for men’s and women’s jeans, though men‘s usually have a higher cut at the top of the pants.

This method does not depend on a seam being located at one corner of each leg, like when folding a shirt or pant. Instead, it depends on which side of each leg you want to put together.

Folding pants is very easy to do while travelling, as there are very few places that require you to set them down.

Fold in half again widthwise

how to fold jeans for travel

Now, if you are wearing a size medium, you should fold your jeans in half lengthwise. This means that the waist of your jeans should be long enough to put a belt on and around your waist.

If you are a Large or X-Large, then you should fold your jeans in half again lengthwise. This means that the leg of your jeans should be long enough to put on comfortable shoes and walk around in.

To keep the shape of your jeans, do not tuck any part of the leg into the other leg because this would let it lose its shape. Instead, choose one of the above methodologies for folding your denim, depending on what size you are and what type of trip you are on.

Hold down the edge with one hand

how to fold jeans for travel

When you’re folding the jeans, make a mark at the top of one end and at the bottom of the other. This will help when you put them back in your bag.

Put the other end in your hand, and then pull it down through the legs until it reaches the mark. That way, when you slide them on, they will be folded.

Slide them up through the legs until they are closed, and then keep rolling these up until they are tucked away. That is it! You have travel-featured jeans!

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How to fold cargo pant cuffs for travel

Use your other hand to gently pull up the corner

how to fold jeans for travel

When you get the hang of it, doing a quick hand-folding exercise can be really fun. It’s especially helpful if you have limited arm and hand space due to the denim being folded.

This is how you do it: You pull up the corner of one jeans leg about an inch and then gently let the other leg slide down. Then, pull up the other leg about an inch and let go.

It takes about a minute to do each pair of jeans, so make sure to do them quickly!

By folding and handling your jeans this way, you save some time and energy in case you have to leave them behind. You also get a more compact bag size for when you return home, as there are fewer pieces that require moving around when traveling.

Keep pulling slightly until you have formed a triangle

how to fold jeans for travel

Once you have formed your triangle, keep pulling the jeans just slightly past the bottom of the leg and back until you have formed a short leg. This allows for easier removal of the jeans.

Now, fold the bottom of the leg up and over so it is rested on top of the foot. Pull up the top leg about one inch to let it hang.

Fold down the top leg so that it is resting on top of the foot. Brush off any excess material and continue to fold down the legs until they are sitting straight.

Lay flat and keep folded

When you’re ready to wear your jeans for the last time, let them sit for a few minutes before trying to fold them. This creates a more stable fold and lets you keep the same shape and proportion of leg, leg, and waist.

Once they are folded, let them sit on the machine for about five minutes then press start button and finish button at once to turn on the denim-sanctioning process. This takes a little getting used to, but after a few tries you will be folding your jeans in no time!

After this process is complete, lay your jeans flat to dry or machine-dry if they were wet. Then store in a fabric bag or soft box where they will be protected from dust and damage.

Place other pieces of clothing on top of each other

how to fold jeans for travel

When you are folding your jeans, try placing the other pieces of clothing on top of the pants. This will help protect the seams and prevent them from being creased.

Fold the bottom edge of the pants down approximately one inch and then fold up the remaining side of the pants to form a pocket. Then, gently roll up the legs so they stay in place and roll up the feet to form a sock-like foot.

Fold in one end then make a quick pull and fold over to form a tip. Then, bring them together at the top and draw an under-folding hem around them. Finally, press any slight creases out and finish with some nice stitching at the bottom.

Put them in a suitcase with soft materials

how to fold jeans for travel

Jeans should always be folded with the right way being back toward the inside of the bag. This is due to the fact that if they are front-to-back, they will stick together while in transport.

Folding them this way will also help prevent them from getting snagged or stretched out as the bag is transported. This would also be a good way to keep your grip on them while they are in the wash!

The best way to put them in a suitcase is to put a piece of paper mixed with some water on top of the top handle of the suitcase. Then, pull up and down on it until it is inside of the case.

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