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How To Fast Travel On Dying Light 2

Dying light is another great fast travel game. Like other fast travel games, you must plan your moves to get the best results in the fastest time possible. This time, you must learn how to fast travel on Dying Light 2!

Using either of the above methods will allow you to explore faster than walking or running, respectively. Both are very helpful in combat as well as for exploring the world.

Weapon modifications are a cool way to add more accessories or flavors to your Dying Light 2 character. You can find some pretty expensive ones, but we do not want to share them with you yet.

Load a save

how to fast travel on dying light 2

If you die while traveling by fast travel, you will have to load a save right before you died to get back on the road. You can do this once per account, so make sure you have another ride if things go south!

You will need to do this once per account, so make sure to have another ride or friend in case things go south. You can call someone and ask them to come help you out, but you will have to pay for their trip out of your pocket.

Bullet point ended here. There are no refunds for loading saves while traveling on Dying Light 2!

How Much Does Travel Cost?

Traveling costlessly can feel very rewarding, but is it really best for your health? We suggest using a dying light 2 speed run guide app for speeding up the process of travel on your own, but first know what costs cost!

There are two main costs: loading saves and traveling by fast travel.

Go to Harran City

how to fast travel on dying light 2

After surviving the first wave of BloodWarrior attacks, you may want to return to Harran City, the large urban center where most of the BloodWarrior activity is.

You will need to complete certain objectives in Harran City to continue playing, so take advantage of that while you still can!

By returning to Harran City, you will gain access to another shopping district and several restaurants and night-lounges. You will also earn a chance at finding a safe place to sleep and food again, since many of the restaurants offer food-based fast travel.

As always, be careful traveling between districts — some are more secure than others may seem. Also, watch your head while traveling as some areas are very dangerous!

If you need help getting back home, look up in one of the districts for help.

Find the fast travel station

how to fast travel on dying light 2

When you’re ready to travel, locate the fast travel station. This is a green zone location where vehicles can stop to pick up and drop off players.

You will need to enter the zone in order to use the fast travel system. It is available for all players, not just Drivers!

Bullet point: Get on the vehicle and go!

Once you’re on a vehicle, you can simply drive wherever you want! If you’re looking to go somewhere else fast, try one of the many roads that lead away from the city. If you just want to get back quickly, try one of the more basic routes that take you back into town!

These systems are extremely helpful as your game time goes by because your computer will pay more attention to them.

Use the fast travel station

how to fast travel on dying light 2

Most locations offer a fast travel station, which is a convenient way to get to the next location quickly. However, there are some locations where you can use the fast travel station only once!

Supposedly, you can use it only once and then just run to that location to utilize it. If you do this, be sure to use the appropriate fast travel station for your vehicle!

If you park your vehicle at the car rental place or anywhere else before traveling to the game location, you will have a hard time using the fast travel station because your vehicle will not start automatically when you enter the game.

You must manually start your vehicle in order for it to use the fast travel system.

Fast traveling costs money

how to fast travel on dying light 2

While not recommended, there are cases where skipping a fast travel session can be useful. These cases include if you are very low on stamina or energy, or if you need to get somewhere very quickly.

In these cases, you can spend some of your remaining energy and stamina traveling by running! It is cost-prohibitively expensive to fly, so instead there is the option to run.

There are several places where you can easily run as well, such as around the base where players can chill out and rest.

Save your money by walking to your destination

how to fast travel on dying light 2

Dying Light 2 introduces a new mode called The PlAZaMode. This mode is similar to the vendor mode from the original game, where you go to a secure location and buy supplies and transportation for your journey.

The PlAZaMode is a lot more fun than either of those modes, but there are some important differences. First, you cannot stock up on supplies in The PlAZaMode, and second, you must rely on others for transportation since there is no car in The PlazA Mode.

Both of those differences can make the transition between vendor and traveler difficult, so watch out! If you are struggling to fast travel in The PlanidaMode, try hiding somewhere with low light or cover and then walk out into the open field or woodlands surrounding your destination. You will probably find a way into fast travel using your vehicle or your boots will get worn down, respectively.

Use the Dying Light 2 fast travel system

While it will not work if you are under the weather or incapacitated, Dying Light 2 does have a fast travel system that can be used even if you are too exhausted to continue moving. You can access this via the pause and game menu options at any time.

To use this, simply select where you want to go in relation to where you are currently seeking shelter, and then select enter fast travel mode. You will then have a little bit of time to decide whether or not you should make this a true fast travel mode, in which case you can just step through the portal and arrive at your destination in no time at all.

Pay attention to where your destination is located

how to fast travel on dying light 2

If you plan your fast travel journey properly, you will be able to reach your destination in no time at all. This is because Dying Light 2 allows players to choose their own fast travel route.

When you select a new route, your character will automatically adjust his or her speed to take advantage of the path. You can also set how long it takes your character to arrive at the destination, as well as how many times you can visit it in a day.

It is important to note that this feature is only for the standard mode of traveling. If you want to test if dying hard is for you, give this mode a try! It may change how you play Dying Light 2, making you appreciate places more and feel more comfortable leaving them behind.

Best way to travel: Set a short trip and then decide if you want to take longer ones later.

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