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How To Check Travel Ban In Qatar

Qatar, also known as the Middle East Kingdom, is an important location in our world. It has a huge role to play in politics, culture, and entertainment but we’re going to take a short break from all that for this article.

Qatar is a large, beautiful country tucked away in the middle of Asia with a few small islands. It has mountains, desert, and sea so it is not a one-size-fits-all country.

As you can imagine, there are many countries that don’t approve of Qatar’s wealthy citizens giving money to charity and opening up their country’s doors to refugees. These people are called refugees!

Despite these views, most people in Qatar are very friendly and happy which makes for an enjoyable trip.

Visit the official website of the Qatar Tourism Authority

how to check travel ban in qatar

Once you’ve visited the airport, make sure you visit the Qatar Tourism Authority (QTA) website. You can do this online or over the phone, so do it!

If your visa allows it, you can also re-enter the country once your ban has been lifted. If your visa does not allow that, then go to a Qatari embassy or consulate and ask them to re-extend your visa for you.

Either way, make sure you check your travel ban before leaving Qatar as there are quite a few ways to re-enter. Many people get stopped at their home or workplace and have their travel ban reinstated if they show proof of residency.

Keep a notebook and pen with you while visiting Qatar and make sure you are able to account for yourself there.

Click on the ‘Know the Rules’ button

how to check travel ban in qatar

If your traveler is a refugee, asylum seeker, or has a visa restriction, then you can check the travel ban in Qatar website to see if they’re banned from entering the country.

If they are allowed into Qatar, then the website will indicate which countries and/or cities they are allowed into. You can then go and visit them!

If the person is banned, you can still go and visit them. Just be careful how you do it because there may be consequences if you enter Qatar without their permission.

Under ‘Exemptions’, click on ‘View Exemptions’

how to check travel ban in qatar

There are a few places where a traveller to Qatar may be exempted from the travel ban. These include:

Members of the Armed Forces on military duty

Persons who have been issued an exemption by the Ministry of Justice and Public Prosecution Service (MJPPPS)

Person whose involvement with Qatar is limited to employment or education, and they have obtained official certification from their employer or educational institution stating this (for example, when applying for a visa)

These exemptions are made on a case-by-case basis, and it is up to the MJPPPS to determine if someone needs an exemption.

If you need an exception to the travel ban, you can request one at immigration checkpoints or through the Ministry of Justice and Public Prosecution Service (MJPPPS).

Search for your country and see if you are affected by the new travel ban

how to check travel ban in qatar

If you are from a country listed as a prohibited jurisdiction under the new travel ban, you may be able to seek refugee status in Qatar.

As of January 2019, Syria and Yemen are the only two places on Earth where nationals are restricted from travel.

Qatar is working hard to remedy this by granting citizenship to foreign nationals who live there for a period of time. You can now visit your country of origin and your family members living there without restriction!

If you have ties to one of these countries, you can apply for permission to visit them in Qatar, but you cannot go there until you obtain permission from the government in your home country.

Check your email for more information about the travel ban from Qatar Airways

how to check travel ban in qatar

If you’re a Qatar Airways customer, you can check if your plane has been banned from flying to or from Qatar by going to and entering your flight number.

If your flight has been banned, you’ll receive an email with more information. You can also call Qatari authorities at 0221-633-600 to check if your plane has been banned.

If your flight has been allowed to fly, then call the airline at 0222-644-7300 to find out if it’s allowed to do so or whether it needs special permission.

If the airline says that it can fly, then make sure to do it! If not, then make sure that you have sufficient funds in your airline credit card so that you can pay for the flight home.

Check with your travel agent or airline for more information about the travel ban from Qatar Airways

how to check travel ban in qatar

The new Qatar Airways policy regarding international travelers is to check with the airline before each overseas trip to see if they have a travel ban on the country due to the government’s human rights violations.

The airline, which is headquartered in Doha, has announced several times that it will not allow entry into the country for humanitarian reasons. So, make sure to check before you fly!

You can also call Qatar Airways at +974 4 4 4 49 for more information about this change. It is recommended that you do this just in case they have changed their mind about entry into Qatar for humanitarian reasons and it was just a mistake.

As mentioned earlier, Bahrain has a travel ban in place for political and religious reasons. You can find information on Bahrain on the Web site of Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).

Contact your country’s embassy in Doha for more information about the new travel ban from Qatar Airways

how to check travel ban in qatar

If you are flying or riding on a Qatar Airways plane, you should contact your country’s embassy in Doha for more information about the travel ban.

Qatar Airways announced last week that they would be implementing a new travel ban on all government-owned and operated aircraft, as well as all commercial aircraft belonging to Qatar Airways that fly outside of Europe and North America. The airline plans to start enforcing the ban on May 24th, 2018.

The airline has not announced when they will remove the travel ban, nor when they plan to re-enable non-UAE flights on their network.

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