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Photo of Malaysia overview

Best Vacation in Malaysia: Your Best Choice

Photo of Malaysia overview

Many think that Malaysia is a very modern country and that its greatest attraction is its capital city, Kuala Lumpur. While that’s true, you should know that you can also enjoy the best vacation in Malaysia. This fantastic Asian country offers incredible beaches with crystal clear waters and golden sands, where you can rest and dive. Walking the streets of Malaysia you can see the cultural fusion with China and India, giving rise to a unique style in terms of gastronomy and architecture. Here there is great religious diversity, as you can visit Muslim mosques, Buddhist temples, and Hindu temples.

Visiting Malaysia has other advantages worth knowing. People are supportive, kind, and hospitable. The vast majority of Malays speak English and love to welcome tourists from all over the world. The means of transport are fast, meet the established schedules, and have an affordable cost. Traders do not charge more expensive products to tourists, as is often the case in other countries. Malaysia is a safe country, as there are almost no thefts to tourists. That’s why if you’re planning to spend the best vacation in Malaysia you can go places because people treat tourists well and your safety is guaranteed.

Malaysia is a country where most of its population is Muslim, but it is not as strict in its standards as other Muslim countries. Anyway, you have to respect a code in the locker room, especially women. However, if you visit a beach you will see that there are not so many restrictions, as Malaysian beaches are visited by tourists from all over the world. If you are going to visit the home of a Malaysian citizen you must follow some rules of behavior, for example, take off your shoes when you are going to enter the house. Remember that it is customary to eat with your hands.

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